Easton EC90 sl wheels

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by are

I know these wheels have been around a few years, but I saw a review that said they were updated in 2017 - anyone know if that is true?

Also, anyone have experience with these wheels, updated model or not?

I'm wondering if they generally comparable to the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST, which is a newer wheel.

by Weenie

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by Jugi

They have gone through multiple revisions. I quess the biggest update came in model year 2014 when the ”echo” hubs were released and there was a major decal change. I think in 2017 there was some width added to the rim profile and tubeless + disc brake models came available, if they weren’t present previously.

I have a set of pre-2014 Easton EC90 SL tubulars. My favourite wheelset of all time. Ridden for about 20 000 km, crashed hard once (had to replace five spokes in the front wheel for that) and they just keep on running. Freehub bearings tend to get old fast in the old hubs but other than that, they have been just great.

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by bikebreak

I used EC90 Aero 55 in tubular, same hubs and rim width. The rims are massively wide and very fast. worked well with sram red brakes

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by wheelsONfire

Only update that i've seen is going from angular bearings to radial.
After that it was from Echo hub one to the updated Echo hub two.
Great wheels. If you can get them on sale it's a bargain.
Tubulars are not heavy, clinchers are pretty heavy though.
I think it's my best set owned talking what you get for the money (sale).
Part from that, they are great wheels ;-)

(i own the early birds, angular bearings (not all) and Echo hub one. Mine are tubular)

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by upside

I recently picked up a pair of the 38's and really haven't had much time outside. They are wide and the hubs are uber smooth, seem stiff in the rear wheel. I picked them up for $700 which I thought was a super deal.

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