Roval CLX and tubeless

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by Stueys

Doing some research on the Roval CLX line. Some of the reviews (including my trusted cyclingtips guys) are flagging that the rim doesn't play especially nicely with tubeless setups. Anyone running these tubeless and having joy/problems?

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by bm0p700f

That will depend on the tyres choosen.

by Weenie

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by cycleboyco

Based on other threads on this forum, I ditched the plugs and taped the rims-joy so far with 2 layers of Stan’s tape, Schwalbe Pro Ones, and Orange Seal. Tires seated the first try (compressor used) and the combo seems to hold air well.

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by jlok

Ditch the plugs, use tape. Unlike most tubeless rims, tire won't stay put when deflated. The beads will drop to the rim bed. There's no lip to hold the beads. Otherwise it's a wonderful wheel.
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by Stueys

Perfect, thanks for that. So tape is the answer. Guess the only downside is the tyre may not stay on the rim if you have a blowout in the same way as say a UST would?

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