Vision Metron SL 40 or Fulcrum Quattro Carbon?

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by sib

I'm thinking of buying my first set of carbon clinchers. Having seen the Hambini thread but also being reasonably light, I'm thinking a depth of 40mm is a good starting point for me.

Can anyone provide feedback on these wheelsets?
They are a similar weight and have similar rim widths, so I imagine they will perform similarly. However, it's always good to get some real world advice.


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Well, presuming you mean rim brake... My brother rides Fulcrum Quattro's as his first and only pair of carbon rims. The braking track is similar to Campagnolos textured surface which is acclaimed as a class leader. He swears they brake better wet and dry than his previous Mavic Ksyrium Elites! Weight wise, I believe they were approx 10-40 grams above the claimed weight, which isn't to bad. The Fulcrums don't seem to be the stiffest wheelset however so something to consider if you are a heavier rider.
Personally between the Metrons and the Quattros I would go with the latter, as I recall that the Vision braking track isn't so great.
Anyways, I hope that helps?

by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

There are several threads that talked about the Quattros. I owned a set for a short while. They were every bit as good as my Campy Bora One 50’s except for the bearings. They have slightly more bearing drag from the sealed bearings compared to the cup/cone bearings in the Boras. I ended up selling the Quattros and got myself a set of Bora Ultra 35’s. The Quattros don’t have extra seal drag than other wheels that use sealed bearings. It’s just that they have more drag than the Boras which I just can’t get over it. For the price the Quattros are hard to beat. I took the stickers off of mine and if I recall they came in at 1,470g without the stickers, which is identical in weight to my Bora One 50’s. I don’t know much about the Visions. You are correct in that 40mm is a good compromise on aeroness and weight. But since I already have the Bora 50’s I needed another set that is shallower in rim depth for the windy days. If you don’t get much wind then 40mm is a good depth.

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by alcatraz

Do you ride in the wet? Are you a bit heavier and ride steep descents sometimes?

If the answer is yes you might be a bit unimpressed with carbon. If it's not extreme but moderate I'm sure you'll be happy after getting used to it.

Brake pads have come a long way. Not too sure about textured brake tracks though. They wear out usually.

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by AJS914

I was considering Quattros. The quality is certainly there but I'm thinking that if I'm going with an aero wheel I might as well go with at least a 50mm rim. If I'm going to go aero why go just a little bit aero? Guys in my club ride 50 and 60mm wheels on group rides without any problem. The pros ride them too so I'm thinking that it shouldn't be a problem. I live in a flat area so weight isn't much of an issue for me.

I can't afford Bora 50s so I'm thinking Yoeleo, Light Bicycle or Farsports. For $600 all-in you can get a pretty fast wheelset. As I said, I live in a flat area so I'm not concerned with overheating a brake track.

by Weenie

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by sib

Thanks all for the feedback.
@Regicycle, good to hear positive reviews of the Fulcrums!

@pdlpsher1, did you ever get round to swapping the stock bearings out for ceramics?
Did it make a difference?

@alcatraz, I'm pretty keen to try out a carbon wheelset just because (if you know what I mean). I have a pair of Dura Ace C24s as well, which I can take out when it's wet, windy, or there's a lot of descending.

@ajs914, having followed the Hambini thread and seen how well the Yeoleo/Light Bicycle perform, I'm having similar thoughts. A pair of 46mm Light Bicycles with DT240 hubs is around the same price as the Quattro Carbons, with a slightly deeper rim and slightly lighter weight.
I'm not sure whether I should be thinking - wow, the Light Bicycles are cheap - or - wow, the Light Bicycles are expensive...

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