wide but light tubular tires?

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by bikebreak

Now riding 23mm corsa speed front and 25mm corsa G+ rear, on 27mm wide Bontrager Aeolus rims

I'm thinking to try wider tires for winter, eg 25mm front and 26-27 rear to match rim.
But, all the 27mm tires seem to be around 300g, the exception being the Zipp tangent SL advertised at 275g

I would prefer wide but light if possible. My current 25mm corsa G+ are around 270g new, I just weighed a well used one that flatted after a skid at 261g. The current Corsa speed are just under 200g new

Would also like a good tread, the discontinued Vittoria Pave were a lot more grippy than the 25mm corsa G+ and not much heavier

anyone riding on wider tubular?

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by sungod

wider == more material == heavier (unless it's made so thin that it has terrible durability)

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by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

Such tubs don't exist.

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by mrlobber

Not only that, but tubs also have become heavier. I had several Veloflex Extremes bought around 2010, weighing at 225g on average and Carbons at 250g; nowadays, they are 240 / 260 g respectively.

Just ride the wide ones and enjoy. If you don't want Veloflex, Specialized Turbo Hell of the North tub in 28mm (the only size) is essentially a Turbo Cotton, and very nice.
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by nachetetm

I think Corsa control is the answer for more grip. Weight is similar to the regular corsas.

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by bm0p700f

Just find the old Pave's for grip.

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by bikebreak

Yes, things have gotten heavy lately with tubular tire weights
I was using old Corsa cx, the 21mm new was 245g, 23 250g, and 25 260g. In theory a 27mm made like that should be 275g

The new graphene tires are a bit heavier, and the corsa control is much heavier than the old Pave, the 28mm is advertised at 350g and 25mm at 295g. The old Pave 25 was ~275

They do have the corsa speed in 25 advertised at 205g. If they made a 27mm they should get it under 245

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by 1415chris

What kind of winters do you have considering Corsa Speed?

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by petromyzon

I have a 25mm Corsa Speed, weighs as specced. Very minimal rubber on the shoulders though so super vulnerable to cuts. The king of money-no-object tyres though, very fast and will satisfy the weight weenies too.
Veloflex Vlaanderen or Raven are sensibly light for the weight (300g).
As you say the graphene regular Corsas are a bit heavier (330g for a 28), partly because they have more rubber and partly because the latest casing material has some kevlar and is coated, rather than a lighter plain polycotton.
I have heard tell that the 27mm from FMB come up larger than that and are therefore pretty light for their true volume. But there is so little info out there that you will just have to buy and try!
Lastly I think most rolling resistance data out there suggests that you are best off choosing a company that uses a state-of-the-art compound, even if the tyres are a little heavier. Veloflexes are beautifully and sparingly constructed but there is a reason they seldom penetrate the upper reaches of the rolling resistance tables whilst Conti feel awful and ugly in the hand but are fast as all hell.

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by RichTheRoadie

Veloflex Vlaanderen?

by Weenie

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by natefontaine

+1 for zippy speed sl in 27mm, rolls very well. Expect ~2000km for rear. I was getting them for under 50USD on Ebay. Just took off the front after ~8000km. Going back to 25mm Competitions because I'm lazy and was getting tired of pumping up the tires everyday.
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