looking for lightish tubular wheels more aero than 30mm

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by bikebreak

short history of my rims - all tubular rim brake:

I rode Zipp 303 fc for 3 years
Easton Aero 55 and Reynolds 32ul for a year and change
Got a good deal on Ax Lightness 24mm, rode those a little but no big climbs near me and wanted more aero. Found Bontrager Aeolus 50 front 35 rear. These are fast, rode for a year. But I wanted something lighter than Bontrager, got Mercury M0 30mm with extralite hubs

I want to love the Mercury set, but I find myself still riding the heavier Bontrager Aeolus set more often. They just seem faster to me even though the Mercury and Ax both brake better and make the bike lighter. The other issue is internal spoke nipples on a daily use tubular wheelset, I just don't like undoing and gluing a tire when a rim goes 2mm out of true. The Ax and Mercury are internal nipple

I'm thinking about selling the Ax Lightness 24mm and the Mercury 30mm set and getting something deeper and with external spoke nipples for daily use.

Goal is wide rims, weight equal or lighter than the Bontrager Aeolus 50, more aero than the 30mm
better braking than Aeolus would be nice, the Ax 24mm has very good braking

Short list is the Ax Lightness 38mm or 55mm (probably still lighter than Aeolus 50 rim) negative is internal nipples again
New Bontrager Aeolus xxx (new brake track) negative is very expensive and new so no used wheels out there
FSE 45mm (would be cheaper) negative is small new brand, perhaps limited resale value

Any other worthy options or caveats on these?

by Weenie

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