Tubular rim bed sticker removal?

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by Blurb


I'm new to gluing/taping tubulars and recently purchased a new set of 3T carbon wheels. I intend to use them with effeto mariposa tape.

The rim bed of both front and rear wheels have a sticker on them that seems difficult to remove, it seems to be under a layer of clearcoat. When rubbing my finger over it, it seems to have the same friction as the surrounding material, and there is only a very small elevation change around the edges. Images of the sticker in the links



Should this sticker be removed? If so, how?


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by sungod

if they're brand new rims i'd first scrub the rimbed lightly with 0000 steelwool to help remove any lingering release compound, then use clean wipes/cloth dipped in acetone to thoroughly degrease (and then i'd use glue...)

if the labels survive that, may as well leave them alone

by Weenie

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by DamonRinard

I agree with you sungod.

Many composite parts have paper ID labels molded in, so it becomes part of the laminate. This looks like it may be one. If so, I'd leave it there.

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by Blurb

Thanks a lot for the feedback, thats a load of my mind :)

To clean the rim bed I got some of those yellow and green spunges which are intended to clean steel pans. (https://goo.gl/images/SpQQkf). Is that an OK alternative to steelwool?

The stickers in question were not at all affected, after scrubbing them down with some water. In comparison all other stickers came off effortlessly.

Im still a bit apprehensive about the idea of gluing tyres on so want make sure everything is perfect :)

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by Calnago

Yeah, don’t worry about the stickers. Like Damon says, they’re usually almost part of the laminate.
I would use something coarser than 0000 steel wool however. I use a 180 grit sandpaper and just a couple quick passes over the rim, blow off the dust, then wipe the rim bed down with acetone to get it good and clean for the first gluing.
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