Carbon tubular Mavic Ultimate vs Bora 35 Ultra vs ???

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by Slowtsky

RyanH wrote:
Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:57 pm
I second what Rappid said. It's amazing at how slow they feel on the flats. You let off the pedals and you instantly feel like you're slowing down. I did a rollout test and they didn't test differently than Enve 3.4 which felt the opposite so they're not actually slower* but damn, do they feel like rolling through peanut butter.

Regarding the 2019 model, according to BikeRumor, the tubular version IS getting the updated hub and they won't be dropping til 2019 so whatever you see listed as 2019 right now is the same as 2016-2018.
Thanks for the distinction between the wheels being slow and feeling slow. OTOH I might just wait for the 2019 as I can't afford such wheels every year :sad trombone:

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by kzy090

CCUs are super stiff, so I like them for short hill climbs. Boras are more comfortable for long rides.

by Weenie

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