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by ergott

alcatraz wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:43 am

One thing that surprised me looking at the conversion table of my spoke tensionometer is that out of the common bladed spokes cx-ray/pillar1420/cnspoke424 the 424's were the ones with least amount of measured deflection for a given tension.
The deflection you are measuring has nothing to do with the spoke's contribution to wheel stiffness. It's crosssectional area that matters.

by Weenie

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by NovemberDave

romanmoser wrote:
Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:54 pm
Ok they changed bearings
But bearings are still more exposed than on some others hubs right ?
Than some? Sure. Than all? No. Than all that are well regarded in terms of weather sealing? No.

This change has moved WI well up the ranks of hubs that deal well with bad conditions, end of story.

Also, totally agree with Ergott's post. A Laser is no stiffer than a CX Ray but the deflection of a Laser at any given tension is WAY less than a CX Ray. That only tells you that a Laser is thicker across the measurement than a CX Ray is. Turn the CX Ray sideways and measure it - no deflection at all! Alas, it is no more stiff than it was 90 degrees ago.

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by jlok

Yes they are more exposed. The flip side of it is that they are very smooth running as the weather seal is minimal. Plus, it's very serviceable without special tools (yes, you need the tool to change the pawl ring but still...).

I rode mine CLD all weather. Haven't worried about water damage at all. Just pull the free hub to lube every now and then. Bearings? Just swap them. Easy.

Don't over think on this issue.
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by romanmoser

Ok thanks for the information about bearings and weather resistance

I'm looking at hubs to have a set of LB 56 mm super wide rims
It has to be : - centerlock ( cause xtr rotor )
: - good geometry
: - durability , good bearings , well protected ( belgium )
:- easy to service ( right now on DT350 , haven't touched them , just opened them to regrease but it wasnt necessary ) . I don't like to have to adjust
:- the best compromise between good geometry , easy to live , price and weight not so important but if it can be lighter ...

- WI isn't sold in my usual webstite bike 24 in 24 holes rear hub CLD for 12X142 , bike24 has them in 28 , but won't order them in 24 . I said it's ridiculous for carbon rim and light rider but ...
- DT 240 hubs in straightpull have less good geometry than hope straightpull from what I've read
- In J bend I don't know witch has better geometry between Hope and DT
- Newmen hubs Straightpull looks great on paper

- Industry nine has everything i need on paper , but it's a little too expensive for my budget I think

I would go with cx sprint or dt aero comp at least on the rear free wheel side

I saw on a french forum about light bikes with people I trust http://light-bikes.fr/phpBB/
That the play setting are not that easy , and that it move with times ,

For example :
'' Very happy with the wheels, despite a height higher than my AWL in 33mm, they are a little more sensitive to the wind, and in the mountains their lightness allowed me to enjoy it!
Just a B-mole on the hubs: the setting of the game is not practical at all, I changed the bearings for Enduro Abec-5 (very fluid), I glued all the bearings to be quiet , but the setting of the game being difficult to adjust "finely", I often had a small noise of the rear wheel. By squeezing the preload of the bearings firmly enough I had no noise. ''

2) Other guy responding :
'' the original bearings were already super fluid, so fluid that I changed everything after 2 winters because insufficient sealing; note the RL bearing extremely exposed to contamination; Topwheels confirmed me that this was the weak point of White and suggest to replace them by DTswiss .... the same one who had advised me the T11 instead of the R45 for the winter wheels, except that some R45 have endured 2 winters and continue to ride perfect on my corimas 32. I am surprised that you have shown even more fluid! summer wheels absolutely explains this bold choice: D

The setting of the game is certainly trivial but not necessarily easy to do well and to last in time; it is advisable to press well on the central parts (in support on the axis steel) even put a little blow of mallet plastic side not to destroy the cages then to press on the outer cup side; it is this "cup" that receives the clamping screws -vis it must regularly recheck it; nevertheless after a few months you have to check again ... again it's not CK R45 you set and you forget almost forever!
For me the balance of T11 initially super happy (look in red, rigidity and fluidity) has gradually transformed into slight disappointment with the rate and problems too quickly met ....

3) First guy responding

I note that you have to check the game regularly, it's still painful. To avoid any noise, I still glued all the bearings, as well as using grease "anti cracking" of RSP at the point of contact between the axis and the bearings (as well as the end of axis, one never know). To adjust the game, I use a long quick tightening and a tool disassembly k7 to get to press the crown with small screws allen without head against the bearings.
Frankly it ruined my pleasure with these wheels at first. Because the wheels are very nice, it rolls hard on the flat, it is very rigid dancer, without being penalizing in my use.

It's not the kind of thing I want from an hub .... :unbelievable:

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by Attermann

Does anyone have experience with https://www.aivee.fr/en/road/8-edition- ... r-hub.html

i can't seem to find much about them.

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by gramsqueen

The only measure of 'deflection" that would relate to spoke perforance in wheel stiffness is lateral movement of spokes when forces that resemble road forces (accel, turns etc) are applied to the test wheel.

How are the extralites and tune on durability in wet weather?

Also my LBS is approaching 30 days for the bearing job :lol:

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by WinterRider

gramsqueen wrote:
Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:36 am
forces that resemble road forces

Also my LBS is approaching 30 days for the bearing job :lol:
Yet.. my issue is with the parlor game-like tests. Whereas the wheel is "tested" stationary. Suggesting.. only valid appraisals done w the wheel under power.. the hub supplying the forces the spokes/rim/wheel undergo.

Didn't that Lew guy w the floppy spokes prove that in spades?

Better register that hub to vote.. it'll a resident there for some time... :smartass:

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