Carbon clinchers for everyday riding?

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by jspaceman

I'm looking to get a set of carbon clinchers for day to day riding. Something that can handle chipseal roads and a 95kg-ish rider, and something that is the same or lower profile than my Zipp 303 tubulars.

So far I looked at the Fulcrum Quattro Carbons, the Reynolds Attacks and Assaults, and the Ritchey WCS Apex 38's. The Ritchey's and Reynolds are tubeless ready, not sure about the Fulcrums though.

The Ritchey's and Reynolds have a higher spoke count, which might be better for me. I have broken spokes in the past on aluminum wheels, but not on my Zipps. Is it easy to replace spokes on the Fulcrums, or do they use some proprietary spoke that requires sending the wheel back to the factory?


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by fromtrektocolnago

why are you so wed to carbon clinchers for an everyday ride. I would think alloy wheels rims would be the superior choice.
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by Weenie

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by AJS914

People like them because they look cool. :-)

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by alcatraz

What is the purpose of your purchase and in what order? looks/speed/weight/reliability/comfort?

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