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by andydarcy

Hi Guys
After months of saving up i got a set of Carbon TI Road Hubs,
oh great I thougth - ive done the research looked high and low even check on here for information.
the set up i want is
H + Sons Archtype rims with sapim cx ray spokes.
I do have the front rim already and i got the sapim spoke nipples as well these are the 14mm versions
my weight is a 90 - 92 kg depending on the usual
my riding is mostly in Yorkshire so a lot of asending and desending cracking :)..
Today ive sent out 3 emails to various wheel building guys and got a mixed bag of info back
1 said to use a different rim - as the H + would not last long or the wheel would "fall apart"
1 said - "pass" and said to look on the Carbon TI web site for the spoke length ( a cop out)
1 said to wait for the new versions with more spkoke counts ie 28r - 24f.

maybe my internet research went wrong somewhere, i hope not as i wanted a nice super light pair of wheels that i could ride from March to September then leave to the next year..
if not
I have a brand new pair of Carbon TI Red hubs for sale.. and a brand new Extralite front hub up for sale..

ps ive posted this already.. but new to the site so forgive me

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by bm0p700f

I replied with a spoke will break and it will. Now I know your weight a spoke will definitely go at some point. Youd be lucky to wear the rim out before a spoke pops. I did a suggest a different rim with these hubs and the weight would be the same. the wheel would be stiff enough to not break a spoke. Your response though is to give up. I was trying to help you.

The rim you picked is simply not stiff enough for a 24h rear. You may wonder how i know this. Even light riders get failures on these.

I can sell you the spokes but I would be selling you failure. I know the lengths but I strongly recommend you use a different rim.

The hubs are fine. It just the rim choice. Stop the internet research it truly reveals nothing.

Light wheels are possible for you but the rim you need is the kinlin xr31t, ( the DT swiss rr511 will do as well but it's heavier).
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by Weenie

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by swright


Too bad it sounds like you've already committed to components...

Have you heard of Boyd Cycling (https://www.boydcycling.com/)? They have a 28mm carbon clincher wheelset with a 25mm (outside) rim width that is 1370g for the pair and you can choose your spoke lacing 20/24 or 24/28 to suit your weight. You can get'em tubeless too (and pick your decal coloring).

They use Sapim CX Ray spokes and Sapim brass nipples on all carbon builds. Boyd makes their own hubs, so if you're a Chris King or DT Swiss diehard, you'll have to look elsewhere.

They're not cheap, though -- $1600 to $2300 (U.S. dollars) depending on your final configuration. I've seen/handled (but not ridden) the wheelset, and they are beautiful.

And they have tubular, disc, etc., etc.

2003 Klein Q Carbon Race (aluminum with carbon fiber seatstays) in purple haze, Campagnolo Record 11s groupset, Bora 50 Ultra (rim-brake clincher) wheelset, full Deda Elementi finishing kit, Fabric ALM Ultimate saddle [7.2kg/15.9lbs]

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by alcatraz

Rear needs a stiffer rim.

Alloy allows for spoke tension to vary much greater when the wheel is weight loaded and rolls.

This will in time kill nipples/spokes/rim. It's the same as trying to build a wheel with only 6 spokes. It would hold together unloaded but as soon as you try to use the wheel it will break. They simply can't handle the stress.

The rear wheel gets beat up a lot. Looking at other bikes one could get the impression that a front+rear always looks the same but they do that out of compromise. A front is usually overdimensioned and rear underdimensioned.

My friend just busted his rear wheel (expensive bontrager alloy wheelset) 20/24h dt hubs and spokes. Best quality and it couldn't overcome the laws of physics that alloy in the rear and 24 spokes just couldn't be sustained for a man at 90kg (which my friend is). Front can do another 10 times the mileage probably. It's only limited by the quality of it's brake tracks.

If you look at carbon wheels you will notice they use on average fewer spokes and most importantly thinner spokes than alloy. It's because they can and alloy can't.

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