2015 Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubular

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by Xico


I've just found a deal on a NEW 2015 Zipp 404 Firecrest Tubular wheelset.
Are these these still worth 780€?

Which hubs are these? Are they any good, or known for having issues?


Thanks in adance for your feedback / opinion.

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

2015 FC have either 188 V9 or even already 177 hub.

Front 88/188 series hubs were recalled until V8, so V9 on paper should be fine.

404s are definitely not the stiffest wheels, then again, I do have a 404 FC set since 2011 with five digits mileage which have held up just fine under my 75+ kg.
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by 1415chris

This is 188 v9, 177 is entirely different looking hub.
I had their wheel 303 with 188 v8 (radial DS lacing) at some point just after 2 years of riding it, 1/4 of flange on DS side decided to snap off of the rest of the hub.
Good thing is I was offered replacement or cash back. Went for second option and bought 404 with 188 v9. It was in 2015. So far no problems except one thing, rubbish hub's anodizing job. Funny thing is external sides of flanges are perfectly black.
Will challenge Zipp just to see what they are going to say/do about it...
All internal side turned into dark purple with few black spots left:

Answering your question, if the wheels are in good shape, without issues, I think it's resonable price.

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