404 NSW vs ENVE 4.5 SES vs BORA 50s?

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by Noctiluxx

calleking wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:55 pm
You mean that the flexyness would be solved with Chris King hubs?
Chris King hubs are really robust, sound amazing, but heavy, and engage slower compared to the Enve/ DT Swiss 180 hubs.
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by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

I would choose White Ind... b4 CK personally.

I have extralite Cyberhubs straight pull on my 4.5 and enve carbon on my 7.8 and 2.2. The enve hubs do flex a little but its not been an issue. My 2.2 tubs have extralite cyber again by Jpull.

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by TobinHatesYou

I have ENVE SES 5.6 Discs. I have had to return one for porosity near the edge of the rim, I also had a front rim wrinkle slightly after a crash. ENVE support has been quite pleasant to deal with and they have that 5-year warranty.

My Zipp 202 NSW Discs have been great. The rim just feels less susceptible to wear/tear from mileage. I agree that the Cognition freehub sounds pretty awful when spinning it up in a stand, but under weight and during a ride it is actually quite quiet.

Then ENVE SES 4.5 rim-brake clinchers are probably going to be updated this summer. Eurobike is just around the corner after having been bumped up to July.

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by sawyer

Go Bora

If you're on Shimano/SRAM have a look at the Fulcrum 55s
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by nycebo

Noctiluxx wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:07 pm
He told me the Enve's flexed a lot and were terrible in cross winds.
Cant speak to the crosswind evaluation, but I think your buddy hs it backwards. It is because the ENVE are so stiff that he observed rubbing on the breaktrack. What's happening is that the whole wheel is pivoting along the axle under power (diagonally along the diameter of the wheel). With other wheels, they flex more and thus allow the wheel in between the brake pads to stay more vertical even though the bottom half of the wheel flexes off axis under power. There is a good video on this if you Google it. Else I can find the link for you later on.

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by spdntrxi

most deep section wheels have some issues with crosswinds... I can only compare Enve vs Zipp.. I'll take Enve everytime.

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