Token Ventous disc wheels

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by seve88

Anybody used these and able to offer any opinion?

These are at about my budget and tick a number of boxes. I like the 35mm depth and low weight as I'm looking for an all round wheel ie a bit of aero, less weight and less suspect to side winds.

In particular the dimensions suit what I like for a 25mm GP4000 tyre.

I'm not expecting miracles. They will be a fairly standard rim to most at the price point but I hope, having never ridden carbon wheels, will still give some upgrade compared to my Hed Ardennes (which are still good wheels).

I prefer to buy local so have rules out open mould rims, even though I know I could get something similar for less.

Thanks in advance.

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by Theologian

I'm about to get these, so I'll let you know.

by Weenie

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by tnkn

Any updates on these? Thinking about getting some myself.

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by sib

Also interested in a ride report/review..!

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by lazypete

I've got a set. Rim tape airtight out of the box. Got my IRC Formula RBCC tyres on using thumbs only. Some soapy water and one tyre up first go with JoeBloBooster, other needed a bit extra soapy water then popped fine.

Only one ride before winter hibernation so far - stiff and felt / sounded quick, though appreciate that's meaningless (and I only weigh 62kg). A bit harsh I thought, but I'd forgotten to reduce the pressure from 100 after install. Should be much better at about 80.

Got a great price, and some Quidco cashback I think, from ProBikeKit, so overall pleased. Picked these as I found the 50mm wheels on my felt AR were a bit scary descending long climbs in the wind (Mallorca etc) as came round corners. Go nicely with my Genesis Zero Disc.

Was very tempted by slightly cheaper ICAN 40 mm DT hubbed wheels, but they had more spokes and weren't on the UCI approved list, which these are, just in case I ever fancied racing.

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