Tire blew off rim today

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by alcatraz

Calnago wrote: ↑
Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:21 am
^That should be standard practice regardless of the tube you’re using. But with latex it is harder to ensure everything is “ok”, as it is much more adept at getting into the tiniest cracks than butyl is, even if it was ok upon inflation.
Simple standard practice but still obviously overlooked considering what happened. Only if the bead suddenly tore with no previous indication, then it was out of the OP's hands.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

Not necessarily “overlooked” at all. That’s the thing about latex versus butyl. The latex can “creep” into tiny crevices with a bit of time. You’re assuming it will blow right away. And when it finally does blow, the force can blow the bead right off the rim. Lots of stuff can happen. That’s my guess as to what happened here.
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by LionelB

Only use latex tubes bu they are inside tubulars :D Many moons ago I had my worst crash after a rear tire latex tube blowout, unseated the vittoria tire who got stuck in the rear brake and sent me flying 50 yards on tarmac. I was at leat going 30MPH. This cured me forever of clinchers.

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by Priit

DeLuz wrote: ↑
Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:20 am
Today I was going downhill about 30 MPH heard a bang and suddenly I was riding on my front rim. It was a bit scary but luckily I was going staight and was able to stay upright. When I stopped and looked at the wheel it was obvious the tire blew off the rim.
And that's why people are riding tubulars :) You are actually lucky. But imagine going downhill in Alps or doing a group ride at 40-50 km/h...

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by RyanH

Yes, this is pretty much the primary reason I solely ride tubs. Most people are scared to ride tubulars because of the voodoo of dealing with a flat, I'm scared to ride clinchers, won't do it.

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by alcatraz

So stay on the 0.45mm thin butyl tubes if you are worried. No need to carry heavy spare tubulars or get a taxi home when that rare sidewall cut occurs.

I must have been lucky with my latex tubes then. Never found them going anywhere, yet. Thanks for the warning.

I still have a hard time understanding a tube moving into a place where it can blow the bead off the rim. What however does sound logical is that a latex tube is more explosive simply by the size of its puncture. The holes are larger and lets air out faster. I could understand a latex pucture doing something a butyl wouldn't by that fact alone.


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by jeanjacques

Deluz, which rim did you use ?

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by mrlobber

Recently blew 2 Veloflex Masters 25mm off 2 different rims: one Zonda C17, one Zipp 302 disc. Both were latex tubes. Been riding latex for several years with different tires (GP4000, Turbo Cottons, Michelin Power), but these kind of incidents happened for the first time ever for me, so too much correlation with Veloflex in this case.
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by Miller

alcatraz wrote: ↑
Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:06 am
I still have a hard time understanding a tube moving into a place where it can blow the bead off the rim.
Yet it can and does happen. I've had the exact same experience with latex inner tubes, a few years ago my front 'open tubular' tyre flew off the rim with a bang when cycling over a bridge in town. I kept the bike upright, just. Latex inner.

I'm all about tubeless now.

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