Wheel builder in Europe?

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by akaspin


I'm looking for wheel builder for single speed wheels. Does anybody know good wheel builder in Europe?

- Conditions: City (Berlin). Each ride is sequence of 1-5km sprints. Indoor storage.
- Carbon rims. 40-50mm depth. Depth difference on front-rear wheel is OK.
- 700c Clincher. Tubeless ready or compatible is preferred but not required.
- Rim brakes.
- Front hub: track, low flange, 20h, radial lacing
- Rear hub: track, high flange, 24h 2-x cross lacing, chainline 42mm, fix/free is preferable but not required
- Budget: about 1500 euro.

Rims/Hubs/Spokes brands are not important. Colour: black

Thanks for advance!

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by Marin

Thomas @ German lightness can help you. He's on vacation currently though.

by Weenie

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by Multebear

what about @bm0p700f from www.thecycleclinic.co.uk...

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by C36

RAR wheels, probably the best wheel builder in France. After having hubs made by Tune he manufactures his own hubs with the best geometry in the market (but a bit off topic since that’s std road wheels).

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by bm0p700f

thats alot of coin for a track wheelset. You could have Royce hubs and still have change.

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by hambini

Also Jonathan at Strada Wheels is very helpful.
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by MayhemSWE

Since you're in Germany I'd start looking at Light-Wolf.

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by benhama

Jon at Just Riding Along is very knowledgeable and a great wheel builder. Excellent pricing as well.


by Weenie

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by akaspin

Thanks for opinions.

Finally received wheels from DCR. Alto Rims, Phil Wood hubs. Perfect! Masterpiece.
Using Vittoria Corsa G+ and Revoloop.white tubes. Awesome.

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