Mounted tire width measurements ... LMAO

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by WinterRider

Ran into a nice fella south this winter ... singing the 'wide rim so nice ride' comedy. But I do enjoy a good yarn/comedy... chuckled the whole rest of my ride.

Then I come across the 'caliper thread' here .. the all showing these "cute" pics of measured rubber. Breaks me up... :waving:

Why not some hard science? Measure air volumes .. wide vs narrow .. run on a machine and measure impacts. I mean something more than caliper calculus??
Read the dude's link this morn per rim/wheel stiffness... that sorta SOUND logic. San's a boney butt for the arbiter of ride quality.

Easily done .. if the real chore wasn't just peddlin' more components<<< :beerchug: :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by Ltyarbro42

I have no idea what any of this meant.

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by alcatraz

Apparently cycling science is lazy. :lol:

It'd be nice to have but in reality just get the tire and try it. If you require precision that exceeds the information about width tendency, which usually can be read about or inquiried, then you'd probably have the dough to get some tires to try.

I wish there were more rolling resistance tests done by a third party on all the tires that havent been tested already. :thumbup:


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by jekyll man

Ltyarbro42 wrote: ↑
Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:36 pm
I have no idea what any of this meant.
As a native English speaker, i cannot..... understand any..... of winterriders.... posts....

heaven help anyone trying to understand it as a second language.
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