Road tubeless ... 7 months & 2000+ miles

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by WinterRider

Ah the learning curve .. with anything. But the LEARN is the thang...

My mistakes:

---Watching any U-boob video's on 'how too'... load of typical fluff from some camera jockeys.

--not possessing some inherent internal clock as to when the pumpkin colored sealant sh*t is going dry.. after using more than the recommended amount per tire.

--failing to attend anger management .. the course whereas one gets miles from nowhere riding the rim and the rescue ride is AWOL. If I wanted to carry enough toolage to take it off I'd run tubes<<<<

Sailing now w the wind:

First tire S Pro One as a breeze..mite hard to mount but the tire jack .. some Johnson's paste floor wax.. I can get them on under 2 minutes now.. this on "non" tube-ass rims. Kinlin 200's. My instinct saw me mount #1 valve mating into the metal hole sans tape interface. Tire up and solid sans sealer. Subsequent valve mounting w tape interface was main issue... valve 'toggles' w use.. seldom 100% at mounting anyway... makes no sense.. metal to valve material rocks.

FOUND.. November brand tape and then their valves. Standard operating procedure now.. ruined one N valve 'speriements.. the material that forms the interface. Did a few tight wraps of the N tape on that end and mounted. Rock solid.

'pumpkin colored sealant sh*t' does one thing decent.. sealing and forming ridge tween rim and adhering to said tire. Likely the concoction I mix up when this container of sh*t is gone will do same.

Remounting/rotating the S Pro One's last week the dry seals went open of course.. dabbed some Super Glue gel onto those 2 slits.. one largish & allowed a good dry.. went riding sans PCSSh*t. Made 4+ miles before enough loss to head home. Dug out some very smallish screw drivers and loaded some rubber band strips in the gear.. w the gel. Run just enough PCSSh*t to seal and do road repair as mine inflate easily.

S Pro One's... 8.5 ... I'm say easy 1200 mi+ w lots left.. lbs 180's on S Tx rds which are porous. I remember the hack panning them per wear touting the jewels he was peddling... at another load of coins per unit. But I guess one has to make a living...

'Tube-ass' rims is laughable.. if one has any sense. Just another way to scalp the herd.. they want everything pushed out the drive up window sacked.

Measuring closely the bead depth.. hook etc.. Kinlin 22T vs Kinlin 200 I find no difference to affect safety. One finishes the set up so INSIDE ERD makes a snug fit to the unit run... using a bead type material that does not stretch. 22t's actually w largish rim to tire fit present issue/s road side reinflation... actually have more curvature at valve hole.. than the 200's. Building now a 22t rear for trialing.. built a set previously.. very nice rims.. very. Strong and stay BUILT.

Refining currently valves here... tube-ass trinkets are wayyy overpriced per volume sold.. and many aren't worth the cost of shippin'. Got some ideas.. one seems promise so far.

Tube-ass? Like the smallish challenges and small wins I guess. Never will be popular in masse .. the many want the sack pushed out the window.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Does sealant have fumes one shouldn't inhale, I wonder? :lol:


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by muffinman

I want to get off Mr. Bone’s Wild Ride.

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by NovemberDave

The salient points? November stuff works.

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by Marin

... ... ...

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by WinterRider

Just.. say it like it is... I do. :beerchug:


by Weenie

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