Bora ultra 35 wobble?

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by fluffandstuff

Bought those wheels 3 weeks ago and have had around 550 miles on them, these wheels have been good so far. However today I noticed an obvious wobble/offset around 1mm-2mm, and I'm sure it was not the QR....
I found a similar post here from 1 year ago viewtopic.php?t=144420

Was wondering if anyone has encountered similar issues, and if there is anything I can do about it.......

(I'm 73kg so prob not because of my weight....)

by Weenie

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by PrimO

Loosen the collar on the hubs on each wheel and turn the other side a 1/4 turn and re-tighten the collar pinch bolt again and see if it has removed some of the play. If not try another quarter turn until the play in the wheel hub has been removed.

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