Spokes from Lightbicycle?

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by Svetty

Has anyone ordered spokes alongside rims when ordering from Lightbicycle. I was intending to source them separately but they are offering to supply them with my rims. Do they get the lengths correct and are their prices reasonable?

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by Lelandjt

I got the Pillar 1420 spokes (along with a set of rims) from them once because I couldn't find a US source for that brand of spoke. These are a Chinese copy of CX-Rays. The lengths were as I specified but I've had way more of those spokes break than CX-Rays or Aerolites so I considered it a failed experiment.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

I live in China and I heard some online wheelbuilders prefer cnspoke mac aero424 over the pillar 1420.

Also it might be different with straight pull compared to J-bend. Straight is supposed to be a bit more resiliant at the head. I use J-bend 424s and haven't had one break. Had several alloy nipples fail because of short spoke lengths but that was my own fault. I was always able to reuse the spoke after the nipple broke. So I gotta say I'm impressed with these spokes. (As with Pillar they are made in Taiwan.)

Now a year later I've taken time to correct the spoke lengths with new 424 s and couldn't be happier. (I didn't need a whole new set of spokes, just 8+12 because I swapped spokes around. rDS to fr and fr to rNDS) I'm running 20/24h and I weigh around 65kg.


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by simnorm

I just built a wheel using Pillar 1420, most Chinese suppliers have PBA 1420 which are slightly different from PSR x-tra 1420. I read on mtbr that the combination of Pillar spokes and nipples leaves little room for length errors. See this http://forums.mtbr.com/wheels-tires/my- ... 58365.html
Mac424 are a little more affordable than Pillar 1420

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