Multiple wheels for your bike

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Multebear

Clincher vs. tubs is more a question of religion. Like campy vs. shimano or electronic vs. mechanical. In some parts of the world, there's a really high puncture risk, and if you live in those parts, tubular is obiously not recommended.

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by themidge

^ +1, I almost never get punctures so that doesn't come into it, but tubs are almost always more expensive than clinchers, so the stingy Scot in me says clinchers for everyday riding :D

I have 3 sets of wheels:
Shimano Dura Ace 7900 C24 on the b'twin (and soon the 'dale)
Retro Mavic tubulars on the Vitus
Some mavic aksiums with a dead freehub (so really only 2 sets)

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

I sometimes rides tubs in winter. The nice thing about tubs if you flat and can't fix it you can still ride. Yep I live in one if those places where flats are likely. It gives me something to fix.

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by bahn

I can reflect those thoughts from others that wheelsets can turn a bike into several bikes. I often think they are more important than the frame/bike itself. considering the wheels and swapping pads and pumping up to pressures part of the process of heading out for a ride and getting the most out of the time.

I have 3+ bikes made of various materials and a few more wheelsets I built, some move between more than one bike.

- HED Belgium C+ on Hope Mono RS for everyday clinchers and what I still feel most comfortable taking away in the bike box abroad and to the mountains.
- 60mm Yoeleo tubular on Aivee hubs for road racing and crits
- 40mm tubulars on Hope Mono RS hubs for backup / grotty day racing wheels
- ENVE 7.8 Tubulars - in in progress for summer 2018 - 'sunday best' wheels and the occasional club TT maybe
- H+Son clinchers for the winter bike. Normally under full length mudguards and 27mm tyres
- A couple of wheelsets my wife mostly uses depending on the season.
- A set of cheapie clinchers I built for the rollers, not sure that counts but they take up hanging space.

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