One set of carbon brake pads for two different carbon wheel brands?

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by Noctiluxx

Hey guys,

My buddy bought my old Zipp 404 NSW's and just added a pair of Flo 90mm carbon aero wheels. Can he use one set of carbon brake pads for both wheels? If yes, which one, the Flo or Zipp pads? Thanks!
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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Unofficial answer: whatever is softer.

Official answer: He won't keep warranty on both wheels with either pad probably.

Maybe Swissstop Black prince's ($$) are the widest accepted among manufacturers but I'm not sure if those are approved. You could check by sending them an email. Having two wheelsets is not uncommon.

Other allround pads worth trying are Campy red ($$$) and Barradine blue. For dry weather cheap pads are cork pads. They are soft and won't damage the wheels.


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by Calnago

Contact Flo and see if the latest Zipp Tangente Platinum Evo Pro would be ok. I have them for use on Zipps and they work great and last longer than their earlier generation Tangente pads. I have no experience with the Flo wheels so best to ask. It’s best to ask the manufacturer regardless. Softer pads will be exactly that... softer, but if the Flos can handle the newest Zipp pads go that way. The blue pads from Reynolds (Kryo?) are the softest non cork pad I’m aware of but wear really quickly. Campy red pads on Campy rims are the ultimate in carbon rim braking that I’ve come across but their rim surface and resins are designed with those pads in mind, and vice versa. While I used to be of the mind that how much could it hurt if I used non manufacturers pads on rims, I generally go with the manufacturers recommendations now. And it’s usually good. For instance, Lightweight branded SwissStops are fantastic on Lightweight rims and while made by Swissstop, they are not simply rebranded pads. Long gone are the days when everyone was recommending SwissStop yellows for their carbon rims, simply because that’s all there really was. Worst pads ever imo. But that was 10 years ago. Don’t know anyone using the yellows currently although they still sell them.
Bottom line, call Flo and hopefully you can use the latest Zipp Tangente Evo Pros. As much as I like the Campy Red psds, they are quite aggressive and I’d definitely want an ok from the wheel manufacturer before using them on everything.
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