Brake Track Now Worn Advice Needed PLS

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by sungod

from the picture, that basalt 'paste' looks like it's just a thin coating on top of a normal carbon brack track - most carbon rims have carbon weave brake tracks

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Basalt surfaces wear off, some sooner, some later. As long as just the coating is gone I wouldn't even consider not riding the wheels. Just experiment with pads to get the bite you need. Carbon is quite resiliant as long as it's not overheated. :thumbup: (Overheated carbon is dangerous. )

Cheap cork pads are gentle and stop fine if you don't weigh 100kg but don't do so well in rain.

Barradine blue pads are apparently great allrounders.

Supplied pads with chinese wheels are not optimal I think, just acceptable. You need to compare a bit yourself to find your optimal. It depends on your weight and riding conditions. Seller can't know those.


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by mrsmithone99

Thank you so much!!! I was about to bin them! Thank you x 1 million!!!

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