Recomendations for light weight disc wheels

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by dim

Hi Guys .... I have another question and need advice.

as mentioned previously, I am looking at getting a new set of disc wheels for my Gravel bike (to be used on tar/pavement). I use this bike primarily for commuting, and will use it on some shorter Audax rides. I would also like to get Dynamo lights as I leave home at 05h00 and return home at 19h30 (5 days a week) ... I commute between 35-45Km/day, of which 80 minutes is in pitch dark on unlit cycle paths during mid winter

I'm looking for as light as possible (climbing wheels? .... hopefully sub 1400 grams), must be tubeless ready, and fairly wide (I currently weigh 75Kg but should drop down to 70Kg ) ....

My budget is approx £400 (excluding the Son Dynamo Hub and Dynamo Light, ) ... One of the guys working at my LBS is regarded as one of the best wheelbuilders in the UK, so I am happy to buy the seperate parts and let him build it (He built my other wheels (HED Belgium Plus rims, Chris King R45 hubs (ceramic bearings), and Sapim Cx Ray spokes)

any suggestions for the rims, rear hub and spokes?
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by Multebear

Is there anything from this topic, that is usable?


by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

you wont get sub 1400g with a dynamo hub and your budget.

The lightest disc only road alloy rims without breaking the piggy bank are the DT RR411 DB @420g and you would have to use 24H drilling and lasers/alloy nipps. You would have 840g of rims, 240g of spokes and nipples and only 320g left for hubs and your dyno hub will weigh more than that. Also even at your weight that wheelset would be a bit too flexy (especially the front with a dynamo hub due to the narrow flange spacing the Son only has 47mm centre to centre flange spacing vs 54mm for most rear disc brake hubs) and spoke life would be uncertain. Spokes would fail on the front before the rear would be my bet. My Mavic GEL280 rims 32H with sapim race spokes might actually be a stiffer wheel than the above and these are not stiff (I can feel the front flex when cornering - alarm bells)

Moon on a stick dim its not possible with a dyno hub. It is only possible with light carbon rims but you would need a sub 400g rim and those are available in MTB flavour with a 40 psi pressure limit. This rim is 380g but budget busting ... bikes.html
Even that rim is not light enough to get to your target.

You ideally need a 32 spoke rim with a son dynamo hub if lower spoke counts are to be used then a deeper rim like the velocity aileron could be used but thinner spokes on the front wheel should be avoided, the flange spacing is just too terrible to make use of them.

I am in the same situation as you dim commuting in the dark alot. I just charge my lights daily - I find it to be cheaper.

The lowest weight wheelset I would be willing to ride (although I am a fair bit heavier) would weigh 1455g and they would 28F/28R Kinlin XR22T, Carbon ti hubs and CX-ray spokes. They would not be cheap even to me.

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