Sapim CX (not CXRAY)

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by mentok

BHS has a wheel kit with their cheap bitex hubs, the wide tubeless Kinlin 31mm rims and these Sapim CX spokess. Looking at the Sapim website I'm pretty surprised by how heavy they are.

From Sapim's website, for 64 of 260mm:
CXRAY = 272g
Laser = 273g (+1)
dLight = 307g (+35)
Race = 363g (+91)
CX = 423g (+151)

Seems like a big jump in weights, but if i built with them I'd be doing 16/24 holes instead of 24/28 for the CXrays so the real weight difference between a CX and CXray wheelset would only be ~45g. Obviously there are other trade offs with either option.

Does anyone have any experience with them? It's been difficult to find much data on them, particularly because searching for "sapim CX" gives you people talking about cyclocross bikes or "CX ray" spokes...

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by jch3n

Isn't the BHS kit with CX-Sprint spokes? CX-Sprints are listed in various places at 334g for 64 x 260mm. Doesn't seem like the same thing as CX spokes based on weight alone.

by Weenie

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by mentok

Yeah, you are correct, they are CX sprints:

Where did you get that weight from?

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by mentok

Odd that the SPRINT is not specifically referenced on the Sapim website:

hence my confusion...

Has anyone actually built with the CX-SPRINTs or the plain CX? Any comments?

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by Miller

The plain CX will require slotted hubs. A long time ago I built some wheels with similar spokes, their flat section was about 4mm wide. I needed to file slots into the spoke holes in the hubs so the spokes could fit through.

Seems like the CX Sprint may not have this requirement.

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by madcow

Sapim does a lot of spokes that aren't listed on their site. For bladed they list CX and Cx-Ray. However they make quite a few more bladed spokes than that, going from thinnest to largest just in their bladed spokes you have.

Cx-sprint is about the biggest that won't require slotting. CXSpeed will work in some hubs without slotting, but there are plenty of hubs that require slotting with those. CX pretty much all hubs have to be slotted.

by Weenie

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