Tubular rim bed delamination

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by petepeterson

So was pulling a flat tubular off my bora 50 rim last night. A super thin single ply of carbon about 5cm long came off glued to the base tape. Yeah I do a good job gluing...

Not a nice thing to see but thinking rationally I can't see how such a small amount of carbon coming off would make rim unsafe. I plan to smooth out the area with 200grit sand paper and reglue.

Anyone experienced this before? Wheels are 5 yrs old.

by Weenie

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by Kayrehn

Happened to my Easton wheels too, not giving it any thought at all myself. If ply after ply gets ripped off each time you tear out an old tire then I'll say change it eventually.

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by sungod

rather than sand it, i'd apply a coat of thin epoxy to the affected area

were you pulling straight up in the plane of the wheel? usual advice is to pull to the side, i.e. shearing across the glue bond which is a bit more gentle on the rim

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by petepeterson

Thanks for your replies.

Yeah I usually 'peel' the tire off to the side but I honestly can't remember what I was specifically doing when it happend. There is a lot of old glue on the rim so wasn't being all that cautious TBH.

I thought about covering the affected area with epoxy too. There is a local composites repair guy who's helped me with a frame repair before. Might clean it up with acetone and show it to him but knowing him he'll probably say just leave it.

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by boysa

I had something similar happen to an Enve 1.45 a few years ago. Took a big chunk out of the bed, though, and they replaced it under warranty.
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by Weenie

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by petal666

My Dura-ace C35s rear did it the other day. I plan to sand it smooth as I don't have access to exopy right now.

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