Alloy Rims for Disc Brakes that are tubeless ready, Welded, Offset profile for Son Dynamo Hub

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by dim

Hi Guys ....

I've just bought a gravel bike (Whyte Suffolk) which I will use as my daily commuter (40 Km per day, 6 days a week), aswell as some Audax rides

the first thing that I will upgrade are the wheels (Disc)

I will have a wheelset built by my LBS, but I'm looking for fairly lightweight alloy rims that are tubeless ready, welded, and offset profile/asymetic.

I want Dynamo lights and am keen for the Son Deluxe hub. I'm still not sure which hub to use at the rear, but so far I have shortlisted the Chris King R45 Disc version or a DT Swiss, but I'm open to suggestion

I've searched the internet, and so far I've only found one rim : DT Swiss RR411 DB

I also need spoke suggestions and spoke count (I weigh 75Kg but am hoping to drop to 70Kg soon)

any other/better suggestions?
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by TobinHatesYou

Weight shouldn't be a concern for this kind of bike...any alloy rims under 450g or so seem to have spoke bed cracking issues, especially when built up 24h/24h. This is even at my weight around 62-63kg. I would probably avoid the DT Swiss based on weight alone. Welded vs sleeved shouldn't be an issue either.

For a gravel bike, why not go wider? Something with >22mm internal width like Easton ARC 24s.

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Why not build them to take 100kg in the event you decide to go packing?

Any reason for not using carbon being that you have disc?
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by ergott

That front hub relatively symmetrical flange spacing. An offset rim will actually create more of a tension imbalance than a standard rim. I own that hub on a couple of wheelsets.

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by bm0p700f

Don't use the rr411 rim with a Don hub. The Don has 47mm flange to flange spacing. The dt rim even with 32h drilling and spin force spokes is a bit flex for a front wheel.

Also the son hub is nearly symmetric so a asymmetric rim adds nothing as ergot has said. The spoke tension balance will be asymmetric but the wrong way wound.

The kinlin xr22rts is 435g in weight sleeved joined and cheap. It is a fine rim though. A welded rim like the mavic open Pro ust disc is not any better.

Velocity ailerons are also good and if course the hed rims.

The dt swiss rr521 or the new r460 might be worth a look.

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