Lightbicycle rims - should I pull the trigger?

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by Svetty

I'm tempted to order some rims but haven't ordered from a Chinese supplier before. I guess I'm seeking reassurance that the order will arrive OK.
How do people pay - PayPal? or do they accept credit card payment?

by Weenie

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by dmulligan

I bought a pair of RRU55C02 rims almost 3 years ago. My only regret is the 65mm version didn't exist back then.

I paid by PayPal.

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by bilwit

You can use your credit card through PayPal -- I think that's the safest route. I think they also have a direct credit card payment method but those are actually only dubiously PCI compliant depending on how its implemented (in general, if you're redirected to a different payment site to submit your card information, then it's compliant).

I just ordered a pair a few weeks ago from the US distribution site. Can't speak for the quality or anything since they haven't come in yet but their support is very responsive, seem to be one of the more widely-used Chinese wheels, and I liked the fact that you can choose to use quality hubs/spokes (if you get the whole wheelset). Also can't beat the price with the specs they're offering that ticks all the boxes.
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by waltthizzney

light - bicycle is one of the largest carbon rim producers in the world you literally have nothing to worry about. hell their warranty is way better than most brands.

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by AJS914

What you have to worry about with an order direct from China is a shipping screw up, damaged shipment, or a warranty claim where you have to send a wheel or rim back to China. 99 times out of 100 things will be fine.

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by Multebear

From what I've read on this forum, Light bicycle are very good. I've only bought from Farsports - one of the other big chinese vendors. And if the rims aren't as promised, they send you a new free of charge. They only want to see a couple of pictures to make sure, that there's a problem. I have no reason to believe, that LB are any different.

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by Marin

I have 2 set of LB clinchers and I'm thinking about getting a 3rd...

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by rasmusic

I've ridden LB mtb rims for three-four seasons and LB clincher road rims for two seasons, and theyr'e top quality. No complaints.

by Weenie

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