Campagnolo Zonda c17 vs Farsports wheels

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by weeniepower

I see price for Zonda c17 now is about 400 USD, and Farsports around 600 USD.

Some praise the Chinese carbon wheels from Farsports being as good as over $1500 carbon wheels from major brands.
and some say they roll worse and has some reliability issues, regarding it as a low-end, under performing carbon wheels.

while Zonda is generally receiving very positive reviews, i've come across few comments saying that
it's just a mid range aluminium wheels and one could not expect the level of performance from any carbon wheels including Farsports.

it seems everybody has different opinions especially regarding the Chinese wheels.
what would be a wise choice? go for Zonda and save some cash, or be little adventurous and try out the Chinese carbon to see if they're really that good ?

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by fordred

depends on what type of rides you usually do. Do you climb more? Ride on flats more? Weather at your location? Is wet braking important?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Are you a heavier rider?


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by weeniepower

i'm at about 76kg now, but might lose few more kilos as i train.
i enjoy all terrains but where i live is mostly flat. i'm more concerned about overall wheel reliability and performance than a specific application.
i know for a precise comparison i should really try both myself but can't afford to do that haha. some input from Farsports owners who has an experience with similarly priced aluminium wheels would be awesome. thanks !

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by VamP

The question is whether you like tubulars or not. Farsports tubulars are great IME (4 sets), whereas carbon clinchers in general and Farsporsdt in particular are meh.

So if you want good value tubular wheels get the Farsports. If you want solid clinchers, get the Zondas (I'd look at Hunt personally).

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by FilmAt11

I’ve had both FarSports 38*20.5 clinchers w/ Edhubs, 20*24 CX-Rays and recently Zonda C17 wheels. The FarSports were too flexy for me @76kg with CX-Rays, but I re-laced them with DT-Swiss Competition spokes and they felt great. The Zonda C17’s feel very stiff and the braking is excellent, but I don’t like the wind noise at speed. I’ve since moved to Corima tubulars and was pleased to find that a 23mm tubular feels better (smoother?) than a 25mm Veloflex or 27mm Challenge clincher on the Zonda’s.

For me: Corima tubulars > FarSports clincher w/ heavier spokes > Zonda C17

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by Lelandjt

The thing with Chinese carbon rim reviews is braking surface and quality consistency seem to be the issues. Some owners (me) have never had a pair with any quality irregularities and our riding style is not hard on the braking surface so we think they're as good as any rim out there. Some other people have gotten a bunk rim or put more emphasis on braking feel or their riding style creates a lot of heat in the rim to the point that they've had bubbling or delamination. They'll tell you it's worth getting a brand name rim with a better braking surface or buying alloy.

If you like the shape & weight of a Farsports rim and you don't mind second class braking compared to aluminum or the best carbon rims you'll be happy with Farsports and either save a bunch of money (compared to carbon) or save weight, increase stiffness, and be more aero than alloy.

P.S. I've only ridden clinchers and do serious descents, but I wait for corners to brake rather than dragging the whole way down. I'm 170lbs.

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by AJS914

The first question is why do you want deep section carbon rims. From an aero point of view you are talking about saving maybe a minute on a two hour training ride. Do you need to save that minute? Assuming you need to save that minute, the tradeoffs are braking performance and the potential of overheating and melting a carbon clincher. With a generic Chinese rim the chances of the later are greater. On top of that you have warranty hassles. If a rim is defective are you going to pay to send it back to China?

While some people have had good luck with Farsports I know two people that haved melted a brake track. For me, that is enough anecdotal data to tell me that Farsports are not as good as a big name brand rim. Now if you live in a flat area, then maybe you can comfortably make them work for you.

Personally, I'd rather pay a few hundred more and get some lower end carbon wheels like the Fulcrum Quattro Carbon. Or find some Roval takeoffs.

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by VamP

Because only Farsports ever delaminate right?

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by Weenie

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by Multebear

Somehow it annoys me, when ppl talk bad about farsports rims. I can’t tell you anything about other chinese vendors, since I’ve only ridden farsports rims, but those I can tell you about. And they are excellent. I’ve read a lot about them both before and after I got my own ones, and it’s curious how many ppl have an opinion about them, when only few have actually owned a set. It seems that a lot of ppl know someone who knows someone who had a problem with them, but very few have hands on experience with their own set of farsports rims/wheels.

So first of all, when someone gives their option on the matter, they should also clarify what kind of experience it is based on.

I have 3 sets of farsports rims. I’ve never owned other sets of carbon wheels. I have no experience with name brand carbon wheels like zipp, enve, reynolds, Corima, mavic, Shimano etc. Except from what I know from the guys I ride with. And thats their experience, not mine.

All of the 3 sets perform excellent. ATM I’m doing mountains in France with my 38x25 mm clinchers, and they perform excellent with no issue. I’ve had this particular set for 2 years, ridden 6-7000 km on them, several trips in spanish and french mountains. I’ve ridden them in rain and all kinds of terrain. I always ride them with latex tubes, in the mountains as well. And I’ve never had issues. The braketrack shows no visible wear whatsoever, and the braking in dry conditions is excellent. Today there was a very steep descent with lots of hairpin turns. At the bottom I stopped and put a hand on the front rim, it was lukewarm. Nothing more. Not even close to overheating, and I’m around 90 kg, so defo not a light rider.

Tbh I haven’t ridden them in rain in the mountains. I’ve ridden them in rain on the flats, and braking is not the same. It’s not critical, but there’s a significant difference, because the initial braking will clear the rim of water before the pads actually get a grip on the rim. But that goes for all kinds of rim braking. Not only carbon.

But with the braking experience I’ve had on the flats, I wouldn’t be too concerned about riding them in the mountains in rain. It’s always a bit sketchy descending in rain - carbon or not.

The other sets I have, perform as well as this set. So the warmest recommendation for farsports rims.

I’ve only ever bought rims from farsports, and laced them with quality hubs and spokes myself. So I have no experience with their ready built wheels.

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