Training winter wheel dilema

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by Alumen

corky wrote:
Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:10 pm
The EDCO bankruptcy was declared last August, the US EDCO company (not declared bankrupt) has taken it over, Paul Lew is now one of the head honchos........ unless you have further info...?
Nope... and I was not aware about the US company taken it over...
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by ianeire

For winter training/daily urban-suburban commute wheels I had a pair of OpenPro's built up 32/32 on to Ambrosio Zenith hubs. I can't remember the exact weight but in around 1650g I think. Highly durable, highly serviceable, extremely comfortable. I had been down the off-the-peg wheel route previously and after a few experiences of damaged rims being beyond economical repair even though the hubs were fine I decided handbuilt was the only way to go.

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by c60rider

I have a pair of Neutron Ultras that had nearly 50,000 miles on them. Broke 5 or 6 spokes in that time which isn't bad and as long as the tension on the replacement is equal there's no problem. But they're just a C15 rim so quite narrow for winter tyres. I have some Shamal Ultra and Shamal Ultra 2-way wheels (tubed or tubeless will fit these) They're about £200 more than the neutrons but they're a much better wheel and C17 rim. I've been using them on my winter bike through the dirtiest and most pot hole ridden lanes with 23mm tyres (because I can't get anything bigger on them and to fit under my mudguards) and they've been brilliant. The only thing with the 2-way wheels is if you intend to run tubed tyres on these they can be a bit of a pain getting the tyre seated correctly compared with the standard wheels. Anyone buying them either decide to go all in tubeless or not I wouldn't recommend the 2-way if you're going to run them with inner tubes. I only bought the 2-way because they were on offer at £150 less than the standard ones and I couldn't understand why. Wiggle now show them a similar price.

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by petromyzon

I don't like the factory wheels you mention because I find it unsatisfactory to have to chuck them when one component gets knackered.
How about DT240s (as you know and like them) and then rims of your choice (Kinlin/Pacenti/HED or treat yourself to the new Exalith Open Pro?). If you use regular DB spokes and manage to keep the hubset intact for 3 or 4 rim lifetimes you will save money and the environment.

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by bm0p700f

there us no exalth open pro available yet so he cant treat himself. Even mavic are not commiting to a release date so dont put money down on them.

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