Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C or Ritchey Apex II 38

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by sidewinder

So i got a quite good offer from my local bikeshop: 999€ for those wheels:

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL C
Ritchey Apex II 38

Which should i go for? Any bad/good experiences with those wheels?
Im 82 Kg, 182cm and ride a Scott Addict Team Issue 2016 if that matters.
Which one is more durable? Which got a better hub/spoke combination?
Which one got a better breaking surface?

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by wingguy

Never ridden any Ritchey Carbon wheels but the Mavics have the best braking surface I’ve tried for sure.

by Weenie

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by moonoi

I also have the Mavics and agree with Wingguy, best braking on a carbon rim and I've tried a few.

Never come across the Ritcheys though, so can't comment on those.

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by sidewinder

seems like the mavics are way more popular. Are you satisfied with the mavics? any problems with them? Which Breakpads do you use? The yellow king? If so, Ii the yellow brake track on the rims very noticeable?
I also read, that mavic hubs in general tend to have issues because of the plastic bushing they use instead of a bearing and wear out fast, is that true?

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by Jian81

One warning for the Mavics, i got mine weighing 1560g with rim tape, far from advertised weight. Other than that, its a good wheelset, plenty stiff and aesthetically pleasing with a very good price tag. Hubs spin pretty well and loud. I use Swisstop Black prince, im experiencing pretty loud screeching noise not sure why...

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by lobuxracer

I bought the Mavic wheels. Downside - the bearings are an odd size, so if you decide they need replacing, you're stuck with second rate bearing manufacturers (unless you like ceramics) for the sizes they have from the factory.

Warranty is void if you use anything other than the Swiss yellow pads they ship with the wheels. I have not had an issue with the rims retaining the yellow color, but where I ride there are few opportunities for using brakes hard. I only have about 1800 km on them, so I can't speak to longevity in any way, but they have not been even the slightest problem for me.
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by Weenie

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