AX Lightness Ultra

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by bogologo

Thx Guys.
This is very helpful.
I just have now to decide if I buy first the 55t or the 25t.
Both look extremely appealing to me, while I will use my zipp 202 Tubular for training.

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by mai

bogologo wrote:
mai wrote:For me, the ax braking is excellent. I have a pair of 24T and a pair of 55T - they outperform my Enve (6.7, old brake track) and Shimano (DA C75) sets by quite a margin.

The wheels are supplied with a black prince pads, but I've been told by the local distributor that they do not limit your choice of pads. For me, Reynolds cryo power (blue) and Campy red pads work best.

Hai Mai

Thank you very much for reply. If you would have to choose just for one of them 24 vs 55. which one would you go for?
I am stuck btw a rock and a hard place.
Thx for your answer

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i would get the 55s if i can only choose one.

the 24s are very nice climbing wheels. they are obviously extremely light and you definitely feel it when you go up climbs - like you are in easier gears. however, they don't keep speed well on flats, so unless you do a lot of climbing, the 55s offer a better compromise. 12xxg is light enough, especially if you came from heavier wheelsets.

by Weenie

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by mai

the 55s

the 24s, and me passing out after a PR attempt on a 15% climb

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by Vuong05

Both the 24 and 55 look good on your bike Mai. I had the chance to demo a set of the 24 last year and they were amazing for climbing and descending. Very good breaking for a carbon wheelset and provides confidence when pushing hard down a steep descent. Much better breaking than my Lightweight wheelset.

P.S. If anyone has a pair of 24/25T wheelset for sale, let me know as I want to pick up a set.

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by vamoots58

How do the AX rims hold up? I have a pair of Corimas that I really like, but I dinged the rear rim on a railroad track this summer. Still useable, but can be some slight brake rub if pads are adjusted to close to rim. I've had other carbon tubular rims that have gone over those same tracks numerous times with no issue...

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by sp3000

I have the Ultra 45C and they hold up great. The braking is very good and silent. I did try a few different skewers and have found the DT Swiss do make a noticeable difference to the stiffness of the wheels. I tried Tune and Extralite, Tune very weak clamping and Extralite better but the butted and skinny skewer has just too much stretch. So I highly recommend using these wheels and hubs with a good strong skewer.

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