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by Eleven21

At the end of this past Summer I finally made the transition from clinchers to tubulars on set of hand built 32h front and rear ambrosio nemesis/campag Record wheels shod with Conti competition tubs. As an introduction to tubulars so far I've been really impressed and as I mostly ride steel framed bikes they have been the icing on the cake so to speak.

I've recently purchased a custom built fillet brazed Columbus Max frame and I'm looking for a suitable tubular wheel set to build it up with. I realise this isn't a weight weenie build but as my previous main bike was a Merckx MX-Leader on Campag Chorus 9 speed - the alloy gruppo with 2nd generation round hood alloy blade levers - then in terms of weight, this is new territory for me.

The custom frame is currently built up with a 2014 Super Record/Record mechanical gruppo (i.e. with the five armed, titanium ultra torque chainset) and as it's lugless, for a steel bike, feels relatively light and is a total dream to ride. The second time I took the bike out I broke a PB on one of my regular 50 mile training loops.

At the moment I'm considering a set of custom built carbon tubulars but could do with some advice. I've already got a pair of new/unused Enve 45 classic tubular rims in 28 hole configuration. I had planned to build them up with a set of NOS 28 hole campag Record hubs I've been saving (the older silver model no longer in production). But as I've had the frame built with clearances for wider tires (up to 30mm) I'm wondering if the 'old school' narrow rim with bed on the enve 45 classic would work with a wider tubular tire. The tubulars I have in mind are the 27mm Veloflex Vlaanderen.

I have found a Corima 32mm deep rim available with 28 holes that I wonder might be more suitable with this wider tire. Bit of a long shot but is anyone on here still using the older Enve rims but using a plus 25mm tire?

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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by bm0p700f

The enve's will be fine with 27 or 28mm tyres. I have 27mm paves on ambrosia nemesis rims for example.
But 23mm corsa's don't sit right on mavic gel 280 rims. It seems those are meant for wider tubs.

by Weenie

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by Eleven21

Thanks for the speedy reply.

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by whosatthewheel

As above. I have used 27 mm pave' tubs on "old school" 20 mm tubular rims and they are absolutely fine.

Bear in mind the same rims were used in cyclocross with 32 mm tubs at much lower pressure and much higher risk of rolling off... and mostly with no problems at all.

If anything, I would recommend glue over tape, but this is always the case

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