Help me decide - Fulcrum, Mavic or Hunt

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by rmr40

Within my budget I have a shortlist of;

Mavic Cosmic Carbon Pro SL 2016
Fulcrum Quattro Carbon
Hunt aero carbon 36

I spent some time on the latest Zipp 303’s and found them really quite heavy, slow to get off the mark and unstable in crosswinds (contrary to Zipp’s marketing claims). I also found the braking underwhelming in the dry and down right scary in the wet. They did however roll extremely well on the new 177 hubs..

I sold the Zipps last year and have been on alu box sections.

The Hunt’s seem to have the most progressive wide rim profile however I’m concerned that with being from an open Taiwanese mould the braking might be subpar and the bitex (or whatever they are called in the TBG) hubs won’t roll well.

I guessing that the mavics will have the better hubs and braking however they are the most expensive.

The fulcrums are by far the best value but have the narrowest profile and cheap looking hubs.


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by TonyM

The Fulcrum have very good hubs (Fulcrum is the other brand of Campagnolo).

I have several Fulcrums and I can recommend them (Racing Zero, Racing Zero nite, Quattro LG CX)! The hubs/ bearings are really smooth (like my Campy Bora One/ Ultra).

by Weenie

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by quanmer

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by sawyer

The Fulcrums are great for the money. And the hubs are good, just not quite as good as the top end Bora / Fulcrum hubs

Hunt look really good value, and no doubt are fast. I personally would not ride Hunt clincher rims in the mountains, but you may have a different risk tolerance. On flat/rolling terrain, would be more than happy to
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by jlok

Fulcrum as I like the 2:1 lacing at the rear wheel.
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by stormur

From what I've had in my hands... not Mavic ( obvious and well known reasons; such thing happened as well to me, and never again ), and definitely not Hunt. Service & marketing they have great, but wheels... are cheaper sources of open mold rims on Chinese hubs and cheap spokes ;)

Be also aware that in need of going tubeless, be VERY careful with pressure on Hunt rims. Very careful. And no, they won't supply you rim.. yo have to buy whole wheel if you screw up .
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by kooching

I cannot recommend Mavic wheels.
I saw some terrible cases like an attached picture.

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by morganb

I'd also recommend against Mavic for different reasons than already listed, they don't support their products longer than 3 years which is right around the time most people start seeing issues. When I was working in a shop it was amazing how many times someone had a 3 or 4 year old Ksyrium with proprietary spokes and nipples and Mavic didn't have any spare parts so their wheel was dead and Mavic offered them nothing.

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by VTR1000SP2

Interesting thoughts on Mavics. I’m actually getting a set of the current Cosmic Pro SL UST for the 2018 season. I’m fortunate enough to have other sets to use and quite a fan of the Bontrager Aeolus lineup.

To the OP, sending you a PM.

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by markyboy

For me the fulcrum,i like mavic and i have owned both sets.
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by bm0p700f

how can you damage a wheel by going tubeless on a hunt wheel? what happened?

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by F45

I'm guessing he bought into the bogus advice that you can ride tubeless at lower pressures because then you don't have to worry about pinch flats because no tube!!

But then you hit your rim and bend the bead. OOPS

Didn't see that coming.

by Weenie

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by rmr40

So after delivery of the Mavic’s and then returning them I went with Hunt - the latest 36 carbon clinchers.

So far very impressed, it’s a wheelset that definitely punches above its weight..

Compared to Zipp 303 firecrests, they are wider, roll just as well, they are as stiff, as comfortable and 230g lighter and they ‘feel’ just as fast.. bearings are really smooth and the free hub engagement is excellent.

The standout difference is the braking - night and day compared to the Zipps both in the dry and wet.

So all good - just need some good weather now!

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