Difference between 3 and 5 spoke wheels? Performance difference, handling?

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by blakemulder

Looking to purchase PX 3 or 5 spoke front wheel but can not find information on which one performs better or is more stable in cross winds - can these be ridden every day?

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by jih

Why would you ride a 3 or 5 spoke wheel every day? Those are for time trials. I have the PX 3 spoke and, other than in TTs, there's no way I'd ride it everyday. Much harder to handle than a standard spoked wheel.

by Weenie

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by Gold Knight

Maybe he time trials to work and back daily!!
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by jih

LOL! Don't we all?

The main issue I have with mine is when you stand to pedal it flexes like crazy. I wouldn't ride it in traffic where you're accelerating all the time up and down to speed. Plus, everyday riding just isn't fast enough to need this, unless you live somewhere empty enough where TT-style riding in a tuck and with brakes a position change away is your daily go-to

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by NiFTY

I have no experience with 3 or 5 spoke wheels but from a logic POV. 5 spokes tend to be most common on track during the sprint events do probably stiffer at the expense of some aero. Trispokes tend to be in tts do probably more aero at the expense of stiffness. Also crosswinds are noy an issue on track and i can only imagine 5 spokes catch more crosswind than 3
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