"Winter" disc wheelset

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by mike001100


I need some help - looking for a winter wheelset and I am wondering how cheap I should go.

What does the winter/road salt take it's toll on when it comes to wheels? Do hub bearings rust? Can they be replaced? How about hub bodies themselves? And the rims?

I imagine if spokes and nipples rust, it's not that big of a deal to replace them.

So, philosophically - can I get a carbon wheelset and run it year round through the salt and mush, or am I better off with a "cheapest you can find" wheelset just for winter training duty?


by Weenie

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by whosatthewheel

Alloy nipples and salt on the roads are best avoided... stick to nickel brass. Carbon or alloy rims doesn't matter. Ideally you want some overengineered hubs, with larger bearings and good seals. Even better if the hub can be easily disassembled, so you can service the freehub with fresh grease after particularly wet rides. With good maintenance there is no reason the hubs should not last for years. My disc hubs have survived three winters on their original bearings... I typically service the rear hub once a month in the cold months, the front has never been touched

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