Need climbing wheels to complement my Bora Ultra 50 clinchers

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by Noctiluxx

I currently ride a 2017 TCR SL with Campy Bora Ultra 50 clinchers. The bike with these wheels is sublime. In the next 4-6 months, I will be doing 3-4 centuries per month with climbing averaging 8-10K FT per ride. I was thinking of the Bora Ultra 35, in tubular. Will these wheels gain me any benefits over my already lightweight, BU 50 clinchers? What do you think? My budget is up to $2200. Thanks!
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by NiFTY

Depends on your descending abilitt in terms of crosswinds on quick downhills, and amount of braking on your planned descents in terms of delamination/ tube detonation.
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by Weenie

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by TonyM

Do you want climbing wheels to be faster going up and/or going down ?

My other question would have been if you ride when it is wet or raining but in southern California you don't have this kind of weather...LOL...

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by bm0p700f

I don't think you will find your Bora 50's a limitation. Maybe a set of alloy rims if you expect to be braking alot coming down.

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by Zakalwe

Hyperons would be a better compliment to Bora 50s, I don’t feel like the 35s are different enough for you to notice much between the two. Or shop around and get some 35s cheap (I’ve seen a few good prices lately) and build up some nemesis rims on record hubs for climby days, all bases covered. I’d rather come down long windy descents on low profile, cheaply rebuildable alloys than my Boras

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by dgasmd

I second the Hyperon suggestion. Very close 2nd only to the LightWeights I have.

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by asiantrick

Better pick up the new set fast for Circle of Doom this Saturday homie :)

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by sawyer

Hyperons maybe a bit more comfortable than Bora 35s, but otherwise I don't see why you'd get those over the 35s. They are heavier and less aero. The 35s are shallow enough not to be blown around much

TBH, there's not much between your 50s and 35 tubs ... in fact the 50 to me feels a bit stiffer in the rear. Ultimately the 35s are probably a slightly better wheel for the mountains, but it's marginal
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by Weenie

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by Mockenrue

I agree, Hyperons are excellent but I sold mine (Ultra Twos) for Bora Ultra 35s when they came out. The Boras are an improvement in every regard and certainly no less comfortable IMHO.

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