Bora Ultra 80s vs Zipp 808s FC

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by Greg66

If you had the choice of these, on a P3, which would you choose?

Both tubulars. BU80s are skinny; 808s are wide.

FWIW they'd go with Simkins Eggs, which are not designed for wide rims and a bloody hard to set up with the 808s so that there's no rubbing.

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

Bora 80's would be cool just for the coolness factor (you don't see many of them around).
But for a TT bike, you must go all-in aero, so the 808 FC's should be better.

But why play the nerves with Simkins Egg if Tririg Omega X is more aero, easier to set up and adjust etc?
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by Greg66

For context I have the 808s now but I love my BU50s and BO35s so much I am tempted to sell the 808s in favour of the BU80s. I realise they are unlikely to match the Zipps aerodynamically, but the Campag hubs are just sublime, and must be worth something (right?).

Swapping the brakes is a good shout as an alternative. I'm sentimentally attached to the Eggs because they were so hard to find. But the angst of rebuilding the bike pre race and eliminating rub is tiresome, and isn't going away (I've already had to shave the pads and cut some new slots in the them...)

Oh, and in the long run the Zipp->Campag switch would mean replacing my Super 9 with an Ultra TT which is £££££, and is the best reason I have at the moment to stay Zippy.

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by sawyer

i guess campag might go wider with very deep rims in the near future

U'd probably stay with the 808s tbh
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by angrylegs

On paper the Zipps are faster. Almost certainly in actual practice as well. I'd still go with the Boras though - especially if you are running Campy. I run Campy and I lust for Bora U50s, so I admit to a natural bias. If I was running SRAM or Shimano I'd probably just want the best aero wheel on paper and therefore would choose the Zipps, but... Campy. Realize of course too you're still going to get benefits - there's just a few more seconds to be had running Zipps. Probably.

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