Tubular vs Tubeless?

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by bm0p700f

Look at how the tufo tubs are constructed though. They are not like a tubeless tyre. I am talking about about a tubeless tyres like an IRC or Hutchinson but tubular. Not a normal tyre with a membrane liner which is what tufo do. you can't plug these. Also tufo tyres are not comfortable because of the casing they use. Dugadt make a tubeless tubular mtb that a dream to ride on. They puncture those and can't be plugged due to the membrane liner.

Gluing or taping is not a hardship. You get light stiffer rims, no tyre rim imcompatabity, proper run flat potential, rims that are less likely to be damaged and a tyre that can be plugged like a normal tubeless tyre can if the puncture does not seal.

Are your favoured Hutchinson tyres uncomfortable? Are they unreliable? Now just roll it up and glue it to a rim. This is weight weenies right?

I use tubs but don't like having to carry a spare tub. If I could plug the thing then I'd be happier.

by Weenie

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by Marin

mattr wrote: ↑
Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:23 pm
They are fairly straightforward to fix. [...]

i send mine off as I'm lazy
See? I don't have to send my tubes or tubeless tires off, and I'm super lazy.
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by mattr

Marin wrote: ↑
Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:59 pm
Yes, impossible to fix if you have a flat, like all tubulars?
So, you're so incredibly lazy you just lump the fairly straightforward process into the "impossible" category. Nice.

I guess you don't build wheels or service your own bike either.

I just send an entire clubs worth of tubs off once a year. Rather than spending a couple of evenings fixing the dozen or so i get.

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by Imaking20

You make it seem like there aren't also punctures that destroy clinchers and tubeless tires...
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by addictR1

jlok wrote:Try Slime sealant next time for added effect when jeezing lol
Lol... a buddy of mine had a flat today... jezzed all over...


I filled up my Veloflex tub with Tufo extreme from my last flat. Hopefully it won’t make that much of a mess.

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