Can I buy this tubular wheel and fix it?

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by Sm0421

Found this C35 rear wheel on eBay and is exactly what I needed since I broke mine in a race. Problem is that it looks like the brake track is damaged on one spot, hence the low price. Do you guys think I think I can buy this and go to a LBS to get it fixed?

Thanks so much!!

by Weenie

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by AJS914

What part is the LBS going to fix? carbon repair? Or swap rim from your wheel?

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by Geoff

There is no telling what has happened to that wheel. Not recommended.

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by Sm0421

Thanks guys! Since I broke my C35 tubular I've been using a C24 clincher for about a year now while keeping the front C35 tub, any recommendations on a good <$600 read deeper rim wheel? Been thinking zip 303.

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by LouisN

This might do, and let you use the same spokes if they're still useable: ... rface.html

Louis :)

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