new tub wheels for the winter grind

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by sungod

rather than grind away the tracks on the obermayers in the wet weather road sludge, i want to get a pair of tub wheels so i can quickly swap over without re-aligning brake shoes every time (they are ee brakes, so pad swapping is very fast), and also use tyres from my stockpile (bike doesn't have clearance for tyres > 25mm), that means similar rim width c. 20mm

for ride conditions - i'm 78-80kg, the roads in uk are poor and getting worse, and some speed bumps taken at 50kph on one of the training loops i do

the market seems mostly interested in fat rims and clinchers, i've not seen much to choose from that looks sensible

there's the kinlin tb25, but i'm not keen on the look of them, and i've seen some lovely nos campag rims on ebay, but tell myself 'no'

i'm leaning toward nemesis 32h, and dt 240 hubs (as i have tools to service them already)

does this make sense for the conditions, any other ideas?

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by racingcondor

I built a similar set last winter (also UK, near London so more pothole than road by February).

Mine are Ultegra hubs 32/32 to Mavic Open Pro tub rims. The Mavic rims are 1/2 the price of the nemesis, around 400g each and pretty wide so fit the Pave's I have mounted on them really well.

So far the wheels are great, obvioiusly not as fast as more aero wheels 300g lighter but the ride is smooth and they're extremely tough (stayed true and no sign of cracking aroud the nipples that those rims can apparently suffer from).

I've been very happy with mine so I'd go for it if I were you.

by Weenie

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by CostcoHotDogs

HED Belgium is a lovely tubular rim.

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by bm0p700f

i would suggest the Kinlin TB20 but this is 23mm wide like the HED. I have them in 24H and 28h.
I have the HED rims on one bike and they are nice but too pricey for winter use. You could get campagnolo record hubs laced to the Kinlin's or the ambrosio nemesis. the Mavic Open Pro T is not a bad choice either. The Nemesis though is a tough rim.

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by MikeMoore

My Nemesis rims are still going strong, four U.K. Winters to their names now. Glued with 27c Paves.
Weight 72kg, FTP 289W => 4.01 W/kg

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by Geoff

Mmmm. Good choice...

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

Paves are what i have on my dura ace 8 speed hubs and nemesis rims.

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