Boyd wheels - who has ridden them?

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by TwiggyTN

I have an older set of Boyd carbon tubulars that have been great wheels. Zero issues and have seen a lot of abuse in races That said, I think their pricing has gone too high now, Bora One all day now, no comparison.

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by pdlpsher1

spookyload wrote:All that being said, you can pick up a pair of Campy Bora One 50mm clinchers for the same price from overseas vendors. I have two sets of Bora's I purchased from Starbike, and paid less than Boyd. I don't know about you guys, but I would rather have campy than made in China, designed and marketed in the US.

Perhaps that was the case a while back but prices on Campy wheels have gone up at Starbike. Fulcrum wheel prices seem to be about the same as before. I have the Bora 50s and I love them. But I want a second set of wheels. I ended up getting the Fulcrum Quattro for $923 out the door. It's hard to beat the price. Projected weight is 1460g after the removal of stickers.

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by Weenie

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