Replacing hub in a disc wheel

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by xmashx


it's actually a track rear disc but I think this subforum fits the issue the most ;-)
So, I have cracked a thread of lockring. It's a big issue as 90% of time I ride without a lockring, however for some (more amatour) endurance races I used to use it.

I am in touch with a great carbon wheel builder (he manufactures discs for one of the BIG brand (and another BIG in the past)). So, I'm sure he know what he is doing. Anyway, he proposed me to cut my current hub from the disc and replace by a new one. He says that the operation has no risk. Well, I am sure about it. But the things I am consider (and I guess here is where the builder doesn't have to have experience) is how cutting a middle of disc and replacing it by a new carbon would perform?
Stiffness? I guess it can be even stiffer. What about weight balance, truing wheel, cracking-possibility and other stuff? What do you think? Worth to upgrade the hub or keep it rollin' without a lockring?


by Weenie

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by xmashx


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by alcatraz

I don't have any experience but as much as it would be a shame to discard the wheel I think the cost to do this with enough precision to use it would be almost up there with a new wheel. Asian made ones can be quite affordable.

I don't understand the problem about the lockring. Can you perhaps take a picture of the problem? Maybe some more experienced users will bite.


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by bm0p700f

If the threads are gone maybe a machine shop can cut a new tyread and make a locking for you.

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by UpFromOne

xmashx wrote:So, I have cracked a thread of lockring.

Could you be more specific?
Cracked as in lost just one turn of threads (fore/aft line), or cracked from the center outward?

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