Shamal Ultra C17 - Rim Tape Needed?

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by matty

Trying to set up my new wheels as Campagnolo state rim tape not required.

Not using the 2 way version so not trying to go tubeless or anything but have now had 2 punctured inner tubes. I am thinking this is from the valve hole.

Anyone experienced similar? Might try electrical tape just over the valve hole if this is the cause.

by Weenie

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by ferrarista

rims with no spoke holes don't need rim tape. If you put some it will be much harder to install tires.

I always put a piece of electrical tape over the valve hole just to make sure. Some holes have sharp edges. You can check with your finger all around to see if the bed is smooth. Usually Shamal rims are smooth so should not be a problem.

Have you verified your tubes to see where the hole is? You punctured installing the tubes or while riding?

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