Tubular slightly off center but perfectly straight. Tear off and remout or ride and forget?

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by 3Pio

Kaboom wrote:thanks for the input everyone!
300km so far on the tubies (I'm injured, so i don't get to ride much lately) and i haven't noticed any weird feeling on the corners on riding straight ahead... I hate looking at it, but so far my OCD is in check so I think it's gonna stay the way it is at least until I find myself really bored one weekend... With any luck that'll be pretty close to when the rear one is worn enough to toss it and i'll replace the rear and re-center the front.

Just put it that way :) Beeing in same situation, i wanted to recenter everything and that made me tearing off the base tape and tried to find proper glue for month. Then did not have enough time to reglue it..

Just ride it and enjoy :) Next time, i would not bother it like i was :) Because this season i rode just 1850 km on brand new Bora One tubs, because of that :)

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