DT Swiss Front 240s hub disassembly

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by dgasmd

Have one of these older quick release hubs in my front wheel and want to disassemble it to clean it and relate it. Looked in youtube and to me surprise, there is not a single video I found that shows how.

Anyone?? :noidea:

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by alcatraz

Front hubs (the few that i've seen) are pretty simple and straight forward.

Either your end caps are screwed on or just pressed on.

Look inside the axle. If the holes are round it means you got end caps that get removed either with pliers or a punch of some sort from the opposite side.

If it looks like a key fits in there it means the end caps are screwed on. Just unscrew them by using a key on both sides.

After getting the end caps off you will probably have exposed the sealed bearings. If you just want to clean and regrease then you can try to do it with the bearings still in the hub. If you want to replace them then they need to gently (but firmly and patiently) be knocked out from the opposite side with an appropriately sized punch of some sort.

To press in new bearings it's important to not put pressure on the inner race or the seals.

If done carefully you can use an old bearing on top of a new one. Best is always to use a diameter specific bearing press "ring/washer".


by Weenie

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by sungod

dt swiss provide good instructions...

https://www.dtswiss.com/Resources/Suppo ... cal-Manual

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by ms6073

In my experience, gien the quality of the bearings supplied with DT Swiss hubs, there is not really much reason to remove the bearings. That said, you could easily remove the end caps to clean out dust and add a bit of grease to prevent water intrusion,
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