Like a Michelin Pro4 Endurance, but Tubeless?

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by justaute

I 3rd IRC RBCC. In addition, try Panaracer Race A Evo 3 (horrible name) tubeless -- quite a supple option. Both of these tires are available in 25mm and 28mm

BTW...unlike Schwalbe P1, both IRC and Panaracer tires have a pretty conservative width; in other words, they both measure right at, or even a bit narrower, than their stated width, depending on your wheels.

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by rothwem

WinterRider wrote:
boysa wrote:I also found the Michelin to be a great clincher tire, but I agree wholeheartedly on the IRC RBCC. They are fantastic tires. To be honest, I think they are light-years ahead of the Pro Ones. Better feel, better handling, better grip, longer lasting. They really are the best tubeless I've found... by far.

LOL... NOW you guys tell me this AFTER I have the One's installed.... :noidea: But this is why we read along... the IR RBCC's will get a good look at time to replace.

Ha, for real. I will also keep an eye out for he IRCs at a good price. I've got a while to go though, the pro4s I just ordered are probably going to last several months.

by Weenie

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