Advice for cleaning gumwalls

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by jbaillie

I had a particularly eventful charity ride last week which included a fair amount of rain and general road muck. I cleaned off the bike at the end of it but a simple soap, rinse and wipe didn't do much for my gumwalls. They're still pretty nasty looking. Anyone have a trick for cleaning them that won't compromise the tire?

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by RyanH

Mr Clean Magic erasers work well.
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by Weenie

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by kytyree

I hadn't tried the magic erasers but had been thinking they'd work well. In fact I was going to ask if anyone had tried it.

They're certainly handy for cleaning other things.

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by Mockenrue

Baby wipes if the contamination isn't too bad. For more stubborn dirt it's tyre off and a drop of washing up liquid and hot water on an old toothbrush. Rinse in cold water and let dry. This worked for me on Vittoria Corsa G+ clinchers, but I haven't tried it on any other tyres. They're certainly easier to clean up than the older Corsa SC.

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by Ltyarbro42

Bleche Wite has always been a favorite of mine.

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by toutadroit

if it doesnt come off with dishwashing detergent and a very light scrub, i let it be. besides, it ends up a nicer golden color as it ages, which i think looks pretty good (esp. challenge tan sidewalls).

i am afraid of anything abrasive (mr. clean has chemicals/microabrasives).

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by ntb1001

I've only used soap and water

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by Weenie

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Believe it or not... my most succesful way of maintaining clean tan sidewall is by using toothpaste with a rather thick toothbrush... :lol: cheap and handy... I'm done using any sort of chemicals or soapy liquids and some time it changes the color of tan.

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