tube tape coming loose

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by deelymc

To begin with I live in Hong Kong and my LBS owner has limited English abilities. Long story short, I have a pair of Vittoria Corsa G+ tubulars on Easton AC90 aero wheels. I'm not sure which tape was used. Everything was fine for several months. When I came home from a month long vacation the tyres were deflated, latex tubes, and I noticed the tyres were peeling back from the rim. When pulling slightly on the tyres I can see the Vittoria brand name on the bottom of the tyre.

I have two questions.
Can they be reattached with new tape? I have Mariposa tape.
The rear wheel needs truing. Can I remove the tyres and then reattach?

I was originally going to have the tyres glued on, but the meaning was lost in translation with the shop owner and the tyres were taped on...


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by sungod

caveat: i've never used tape, only glue..

perhaps the base tape (which has a coating) had picked up some grease so that it never had a good bond?

you could try inflating to full pressure, leave for a day, then deflate, see if the pressure has stuck them again, if not then you'll need to redo

yes you can remove and reglue/retape a tub, when removing take care not to tear/separate the base tape

by Weenie

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by deelymc

Thanks, I inflated them and will check them tomorrow.

I still need to true the back wheel and the spoke nipples are hidden in the rim...I am starting to think I should have bought the clincher version.

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by dj97223

You could glue the wheels yourself once you remove the tape. It is pretty easy. There is a lot of information on this site about how to do so.
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