Tune mag 170 axle end cap issue

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by dmoneysworks

any weenies had a similar issue with the DS axle end cap just falling off? I've followed the service instructions from Tune but I'm thinking the axle end cap is toasted? 8s video of aforementioned sans FHB Thoughts?

Le wheel

DS axle end cap

by Weenie

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by 1415chris

But surely when the wheel is clamped it cannot be an issue.
Was such a lose fit when you took it off first time? You couldn't damage it in the process, could you?
I've been removing this cap few times but it kept rather tight fit.

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by sussexhills

It's difficult to see as you end cap pic is a little off focus but I don't think that scoring appears to be normal. They are exceptionally light an delicate parts so I take my Mig/Mags to a specialist wheelbuilder annually as don't find them as easy to service at home as Hope, Shimano etc

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