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by Thenuge

I'm awaiting my 2018 CAAD12 Ultegra. I want to get a set of wheels for it but only one for now. So I have two options I think.

Either get 303 clinchers and use them for an everything wheel with latex tubes and GP4000's. Training and racing.

Or get 404 tubulars and use those as a fast group ride/race wheel only and use the stock Mavic Aksiums as training wheels also with latex and GP4000's.

Which one?

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by sawyer

I'd go for the first option as life is too short to roll around on Aksiums, and really 303s, even as clinchers, are very nice wheels
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by Weenie

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by Noctiluxx

sawyer wrote:I'd go for the first option as life is too short to roll around on Aksiums, and really 303s, even as clinchers, are very nice wheels

I had the 2016 303's on my previous bike and currently ride the 404 NSW on one bike and Campy Bora Ultra 50 clinchers on the other. The NSW's brake better, and hubs engage a little faster. But the biggest surprise came with the Bora Ultras. They engage faster, roll better, are stiffer, and noticeably better in cross winds compared to the NSW's. Right now I'm looking to add the Bora Ultra 35 Tubs for my climbing wheels. Having said all this, the 303's are still great wheels for the money.
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by nemeseri

It's a no brainer to me: option 1. Don't forget that you would need to swap brake pads, align them every time you change wheels. If you are considering the non NSW 303s, then I'd agree to look into the bora ultra / one wheels. They just got an update and the zipp 303 firecrest is quite dated, especially in braking / weight.

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by sussexhills

I'd go with option 1, I used to have race day only set of tubs but haven't looked back since getting Zipp 303/404 Firecrest clincher combo as an everyday wheelset. I only ride this bike in the dry so can't comment on wet weather braking and the weight is less of an issue for me as they're built with Tune Mig/Mag hubs and CX ray spokes.

Don't forget though that it's seriously advised not to use latex tubes in carbon clinchers as they can't cope with the heat buildup in the same way as butyl. You can always go for a Conti Supersonic or other lightweight butyl tube instead, personally I go with the less delicate Conti Race28 with nice open tubular 320tpi tyres like the Specialized Turbo Cotton.

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by GonaSovereign

303 tubular FTW. Fast, light, awesome every day wheels

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by ntb1001

Use to have 404 tubulars(older model)
Have 303 clinchers now(firecrest) and love them as an everyday wheel.

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by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

I recommend not Zipps. You can sell the R8000 that comes on it and pick up a Chorus set and some Bora One 35s for the same price as the Zipps and you'll be much happier and also have a cooler bike.

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